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Welcome to vidollx, the first community on LJ to be fully dedicated to the Japanese Rock band Vidoll (ヴィドー ル). Everything posted here is about Vidoll. Well, the mods -cough- might post some random stuff that they think everyone should know, but other than that, it's all Vidoll. :3

Creator/Head Mod - Lily
Co-Mod - NONE right now. I don't need any help just yet...as time goes by, I might make a co-mod application form if need be.

[x] When posting, only post things related to Vidoll (mp3's, PV's, news updates, fanfiction, fanart, etc.) and maybe something that has to do with Under-Code.
[x] When posting graphics, scans, or other images/pictures, PLEASE put them in an lj-cut. Cuts are your friends.
[x] Put fanfiction under cuts, too.
[x] Never post any stolen work made by others (official scans, music, etc are okay, though...)
[x] Don't fight, harrass, or bitch about other members in the comm. First time you get a warning, second time you're banned for two weeks, and third time you're banned forever. If you have a problem with someone, notify the mods at vidollx [AT] gmail [DOT] com.

[x] More, detailed rules are at the User Info page.

{posting fanart/fanfiction}
[x] State the title, author's/artist's name, rating, and a description everytime you post a fanart or a fanfiction. You may add anything else you want to it, but those are a must.
[x] Remember to put fanart and fanfiction under lj-cuts!

author; Lily
version; 1.o Rame (Vidoll's bassist)
programs; Paint Shop Pro 8 used for making, Notepad used for coding
image; Snagged from sankyuu~!

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Selling CDs [11 Jun 2013|02:19pm]

Hey there,

I am selling Sinai and Nectar, as well as live distributed material (heroin live, and kuroneko making off)
Over here:


Please take a look. Thanks a lot
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Movie "Goth-Loli Shokeinin" [31 Jul 2010|04:58pm]

since vidoll's song "gothicaroid kai" will be the titlesong of the movie "goth-loli shokeinin", here some information for those of you, who are also interested in the movie
(i hope it's alright to post it here, since it is connected to vidoll somehow..)

people can watch it from 4.9. on in the "theater n shibuya"
if you're not in japan, wait for the chance to watch it online or to download it. since that's something pretty great concerning vidoll's progess!

yuki lived together with her parents, jiro and kayako, in peace.
however one day, they got attacked by a group of assassins, the father got robbed of his legs' mobility and the mother got murdered.
why did mother get murdered? what is the true aim of that group of assassins? yuki turns into a ghost of vengeance dressed up in gothic lolita fashion and executes every single one of the 5 members of the assassin-group

[information taken from: ★VID Elite Club★]
[x-posted to k_romancevid & vidooru]
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sales post [07 Apr 2010|03:06pm]



i hope its ok to post

i'm selling a few cd's and one dvd at my journal, please take a look
i prefer germany because i don't have paypal^^


vidoll,12012,dir en grey, megamasso,rentrer en soi, baroque
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photoset for sale [19 Mar 2010|12:21pm]

Hi everybody,
I have a Vidoll-photoset for sale at my journal:


Please have a look^^
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massive sale dump [07 Feb 2010|05:48pm]


I'm selling a lot of flyers, magazines, CDs, DVDs and a poster for real cheap over here!

flyers: ダウト, アンド, VanessA, A&D, Reivier, G-zas, DOG in The PWO, BugLug, lynch., VIDOLL, Sadie
posters: VIDOLL
magazines: SHOXX, Neo Genesis, Gl!tter by V!NYL SYNDICATE, MusiQ?, SHOCKwave, FOOL'S MATE, Arena37℃, PS Company Arena37℃ Budokan special, Arena37℃ SPECIAL, glare
CDs: alice nine., AnCafe, SCREW, VIDOLL,
DVDs: alice nine, PS Company 10th anniversary at Budokan (first press)
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selling Vidoll photobook! [11 Nov 2009|02:16pm]

I'm auctioning Vidoll's so far only photobook HERE! in my journal.

x-posted to few other Vidoll community, sorry ^^;
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[VRF×MJP] Interview with Vidoll [15 Sep 2009|06:56pm]

  Are you going to attend V-ROCK FESTIVAL '09?
Check the interview with Vidoll who is going to preform on the event!!
Click the picture or title to read the whole article!



One of the attractions of the band Vidoll is a variety of their songs from cheerful and powerful pop numbers to heavy and intense ones. They are also known as a live band that performs quite a lot of shows even since they were on an indie label. They made their longed-for major debut with the single “Puzzle ring” in February 2009. When the album “Esoteric Romance” was released in March, the media praised the quality of their songs. This summer they were on the “VIDOLL TOUR 2009 20 flight of stairs” across Japan. (Tero, the drummer was absent from this interview.)

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JrockRevolution2? [23 Apr 2009|12:31pm]

[ mood | stressed ]

*Delete if not allowed*
 this is my first post! very nice to meet everyone.
found out good news and wanted to tell others.

If you sign it, they will come??

-Petition opens on May 1, 2009!-

maybe Vidoll can come back for Jrock Revolution 2 you never know! so let's sign this petition and hope for the best!

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vidoll cds for sale [18 Feb 2009|12:59am]

i'm selling some old releases of vidoll. if you are interested, please take a look here at my selling community~

thank you ^^

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Countdown since 911 FANVIDEO [12 Dec 2008|01:03am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

AS SOON as I heard this song today, I fell DEEPLY in love with it. *-*
So I made a fanvideo for it using Vidoll's PVs Gothikaroid and SinAI. |D
Comments and ratings on the actual Youtube page would make me very happy. :333

X-Posted to vidooru
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Official Fanclub [25 Sep 2008|12:59am]

I really want to join the official fanclub but I dont speak Japanese.
Is anyone able to give me step by step instructions?
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site design [22 Sep 2008|01:20pm]

[ mood | confused ]

I LOVE this community, its real pretty too.
But its so hard to navigate. I cant see where to click and I cant see the side bar etc ><
Can u make it pink and gray instead of just pink pink pink.

Please delete this post later^^

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Jui! [24 May 2008|11:30am]

Jui layout at crazed_system.

Full Preview: kii_dark

I hope you guys like it! Click on the thumbnail to obtain or check out crazed_system for other layouts.

Vidoll Sale [11 May 2008|07:34pm]

I'm selling Vidoll's BASTARD limited edition album over at my journal!! Autographed by Rame and Jui! 
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graphics [02 May 2008|12:54am]

This is a graphics post. I haven't done graphics in a while. Well, I only have one Vidoll Banner to offer you. See cut,

Read more...Collapse )
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[02 May 2008|12:13am]

This is a graphics post. I haven't done graphics in a while. Well, I only have one Vidoll Banner to offer you. See cut,

Read more...Collapse )
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AUTOGRAPHED dvd for sale [09 Mar 2008|07:40pm]

[ mood | sick ]

I have the Ningyoukai PV DVD signed by both Jui and Rame for saleCollapse )

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Vidoll sale!!! [23 Feb 2008|05:00pm]

I am selling a lot of stuff with Vidoll at the moment:

Picture of Jui and calendars of 2005.
Special cd from Third stage
Message cd from Third stage.
Message cd from Third stage.
V.I.D Type A
Message Card
juu nen go no kyou koko de...
Ningyou enzetsu 2004.9.11 LIQUID ROOM ebisu DVD
Romanesque gothic

take a look: unmei_sales
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Vidoll layout [21 Feb 2008|08:33pm]

Another request finished by Kii! She made a Vidoll layout!

Vidoll Layout
Full View: kii_unknown

If you would like to use this layout (or see others we've made) please check out crazed_system

JRock Wallpapers & Headers [20 Jan 2008|12:00am]

[ mood | tired ]

Only one Vidoll Wallpaper.


Images were taken from jrock_scans

It was part of a multi-jrock fandom Wallpaper post Here @ xtainted_blackx's graphic journal.

Other Wallpapers:
1x Alice Nine
1x An Cafe
1x Girugamesh
1x Miyavi Version 1&2&3
1x Nightmare
1x Vidoll

x-posted like crazy (sorry)

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