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Movie "Goth-Loli Shokeinin"

since vidoll's song "gothicaroid kai" will be the titlesong of the movie "goth-loli shokeinin", here some information for those of you, who are also interested in the movie
(i hope it's alright to post it here, since it is connected to vidoll somehow..)

people can watch it from 4.9. on in the "theater n shibuya"
if you're not in japan, wait for the chance to watch it online or to download it. since that's something pretty great concerning vidoll's progess!

yuki lived together with her parents, jiro and kayako, in peace.
however one day, they got attacked by a group of assassins, the father got robbed of his legs' mobility and the mother got murdered.
why did mother get murdered? what is the true aim of that group of assassins? yuki turns into a ghost of vengeance dressed up in gothic lolita fashion and executes every single one of the 5 members of the assassin-group

[information taken from: ★VID Elite Club★]
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